Hamid Group was first located in a corner shop in Karbala, Iraq in 1964. It was founded and still owned by Hamid Hakimi.
He started as a small kiosk selling finished jewelry and crafts. Years later, Hamid Group started expanding by introducing many different lines-- from beads, crafting, and handmade equipments, to a wide variety of crystal ware, semi precious stones, and rosaries.

Later, Hamid Group moved to Beirut, Lebanon where the business started growing substantially. From a 700 meter square showroom in Cornish El- Mazraa, to a 7000 square foot building in Chiah, Hamid Group is stocked with hundreds of beads from floor to ceiling making any crafter or designer's dreams come true! While many first time visitors might find the showroom like an endless maze, every aisle is actually very well organized.

Hamid Group is the largest retailer and wholesaler in Lebanon of different kinds of beads used for fashionable embroideries and DIY, metal parts and accessories, crafting materials, crystal ware, as well as extensive lines of premium brands such as Swarovski, Preciosa, Desna, and Bohemian Crystal.

Hamid Group attracts a customer base that is as diverse as their offerings. From jewelry designers, fashion designers, crafters, shop owners to the church/mosque groups, children and college students, and the simple housewife looking for a hobby. Hamid Group introduces new products every now and then to surprise the customer with new and fresh ideas every time they visit.
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